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Warmly welcome,
I am Aliisa Koivuranta

– Tantric Life Coach (TLC), Zen Coach, TRE® Facilitator, Social Worker, Admirer of Authenticity, Mother.

The methods I teach – Tantra, Zen Coaching, and TRE® – have all given me tremendous insights.

I deeply love all three methods I teach and want to share their wisdom with others.

What unites these methods is a profound respect for the connection with the body and the wisdom that arises from it, as well as a commitment to deep presence, acceptance, and self-compassion.

The methods I teach beautifully support the natural growth inherent in being human, providing participants with concrete tools that make life even more full of vitality.

Ihmemaa Valmennus was born from my desire to serve the curious and life-seeking seeker – much like myself. I invite people to embrace their own experience, whatever is true and alive right now. In my guidance, I create a safe space where individuals seeking change, growth, and balance in their lives can surrender to being present and curious about themselves. To discover their authentic selves, connect with their true inner being, and find the courage to live life on their own terms.

My Values


The biggest commitment I’ve made in my life is a commitment to presence and accepting the present moment as deeply as possible. This forms the foundation of everything I do and how I teach and guide. I deeply believe that the greatest fulfillment in life comes when one dares to say Yes to the present moment just as it unfolds.


I want to be authentic in everything I do. This desire and longing have been a driving force in my own growth process from the very beginning, and it shows in everything I do.

Love and Respect.

I greatly respect each person’s right to their own choices, boundaries, and a life that reflects their true selves. I love humanity in all its shades, and my capacity for empathy runs deep. The ability to love oneself is the foundation of powerful and healing love.



Tension, trauma and stress releasing exercises 

TRE® is a simple and innovative self-care method for the body, allowing it to release deep muscle tension and recover from stress and trauma. TRE® is based on the idea of the body’s innate wisdom, listening to it, and surrendering to it.

TRE® consists of simple and easily learned movements. These movements initiate the body’s reflexive process, often manifesting initially as trembling or shaking.                                              Regular TRE® practice strengthens the body-mind connection, reduces nervous system overactivity, eases stress, enhances balance, and promotes mental well-being.

It’s advisable to learn the basics of TRE® in a course with a TRE® instructor present. The reason for this is that while the method is simple, it can also be powerful and may bring up memories, traumas, or difficult emotions for some individuals. In the course, you’ll learn self-regulation techniques, enabling you to safely continue practicing on your own.

I became a certified TRE® instructor in 2019 through TRE Finland and have been leading TRE® workshops since then. In 2021, I completed additional training in TRE® for Children and Adolescents.


I regularly organize introductory courses in Finnish. If you would prefer instruction in English, I recommend booking a private coaching. Private coaching can be booked for two individuals as well, so you can invite a friend or partner. You can also assemble your own group.

Private TRE® Coaching

The TRE® orientation includes instructions for safe and comfortable TRE® practice, tips for improving self-regulation, one TRE® exercise, and a final relaxation. After the workshop, you will receive guidance on initiating tremors at home.

Advanced-level private coaching is for those who have completed the TRE® Introductory Course or have been practicing TRE® independently for some time.

I offer private individual and couple coaching, either at your location or in a rented space. Advanced-level coaching can also be conducted remotely. For home visits, mileage costs (0.53€/km) are added for distances exceeding 5 km from the center of Turku.

If you wish to meet me in a rented space, the additional fee is 15€. 

Private TRE® Coaching for One Person

  • TRE® Orientation (90-120 minutes) 125€
  • Advanced-Level Coaching (60 minutes) 70€

Private TRE® Coaching for Two People

  • TRE® Orientation 100€
  • Advanced-Level Coaching (60 minutes) 60€ per person

Custom Workshop for Groups

You can hire me to conduct a TRE® workshop in English for your desired event or even for a workplace well-being day!

TRE® introduction-workshop

Duration approximately 2 hours

The orientation includes guidance for safe and enjoyable TRE® practice, tips for improving self-regulation, one TRE® exercise, and a final relaxation. After the workshop, participants receive instructions for initiating tremors at home.

The price depends on the group size and specific requests.

I can instruct a maximum of 10 people at once. If the group size is over 10 people, the exercises will be done in two sessions, and the workshop duration will be longer.

The workshop organizer is responsible for providing the space for the workshop unless otherwise agreed. If Ihmemaa Valmennus arranges the space, a room rental fee will be added to the workshop price (average €20/hour). In addition, mileage costs (0.53/km€) apply.



Tantra is an almost two-thousand-year-old philosophical tradition and worldview and its roots extend thousands of years back to Hinduism and ancient shamanistic and esoteric traditions. The tantra philosophy that I live, breathe, and teach is based not only on ancient traditions but also on modern tantric teachings, often referred to as neo-tantra.

The tantra work I guide is grounded in the earthly realm. At its core is presence – the deep and honest acceptance of the present moment, as well as listening to your own body, needs, and boundaries. I believe that when a person can rest within themselves and be present, the profound qualities of being can emerge and flow. In my guidance, I don’t emphasize sexuality; I see it as a natural and important aspect of humanity, but not the only one.

A Tantra workshop is a journey that lasts several hours, where we explore various fundamental aspects of life depending on the theme: boundaries, communication, presence, self-compassion, pleasure, surrender, holding space, touch, play, and letting go.

The workshop always places a strong emphasis on what is happening within you during various exercises and interactions. Each workshop starts with grounding into your own body and connecting with yourself. Trust and listening to your own boundaries, feelings, and senses are essential to me. I hope that my workshops can inspire new insights into how to courageously walk towards an authentic life that reflects your true self.

I organize Tantra workshops based on inspiration, and their themes vary. In each workshop there is an assistant present who can provide instructions in English if needed, so you are warmly welcome to participate even if you don’t speak Finnish! 

Workshop pricing depends on the duration and theme.

You can also book a private workshop for a small group or for yourself and your partner. In this case, the content is tailored to your preferences.

Private Tantra Workshop for Couples

Couple Tantra workshops offer an opportunity to connect with your partner in a new way, deepen your connection, challenge familiar patterns, and learn new ones. It also provides a space to pause and enjoy each other within your relationship.

The workshop is customized, based on the couple’s desires and needs. The duration of the workshop is 2-4 hours, and it can take place in the comfort of your home with the coach present or remotely. I can also arrange for a suitable space for the workshop. After the workshop, you will receive a summary of the exercises done, along with a practice or two to inspire continued exploration after the workshop. Additionally, if desired, I can provide you with various sources for further learning and theory related to your chosen themes.

This is a beautiful gift for a partner, a couple celebrating their wedding, or simply for deepening your relationship.

Sample themes:

  • Present connection and body awareness
  • Honest communication and needs
  • Senses and sensuality
  • Pleasure and sexuality
  • Giving and receiving, holding space and surrender
  • Connection of bodies, present touch

Pricing for Private Couple Tantra Guidance:

  • €260 for a 2-hour session
  • €380 for a 3-hour session
  • €600 for a 4-hour session

Includes planning, the workshop, instructions, and follow-up contact.

Additional space rental (€15/hour) or mileage reimbursement (€0.53/km) may apply.

Collaboration and Private Workshops

You can request me to host a workshop for a wellness event, retreat, bachelorette party, and more – only your imagination sets the limits! The workshop price depends on the number of participants, location, content, and workshop duration.

Mother Blessing Ceremony

I offer Mother Blessing ceremonies, focusing on the expectant mother. A Mother Blessing or ”blessingway” is a modern way to come together to honor the journey of motherhood. The program can include a salt ceremony/blessing, a women’s circle, presence-invoking touch practices, and more, tailored to your wishes.

You can combine the ceremony as a gift with a five-session Zen Coaching package, serving as beautiful, empowering spiritual support during the transformation of becoming a mother. Coaching can take place during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Zen Coaching


Zen Coaching is a personal coaching method that allows you to descend into deep presence in a safe support, confront your emotions and needs, clarify your goals and dreams, and integrate unconscious parts of yourself into the unique, flourishing person that you already are.

At the core of Zen Coaching philosophy is the human longing to act and be seen as one’s authentic self. Zen Coaching guides the experiencer to their own power, away from a victim mentality, fostering mature agency and gentle honesty towards oneself. Through this method, one can find ways to respond to life’s challenging moments and conflicts from a place of presence rather than automatic reaction.

In coaching, we descend into experiencing the present moment as deeply as possible, and we repeatedly pause at the threshold of the body. The goal is for the insights you experience during coaching sessions to integrate into your daily life, helping you discover new ways to support yourself on your journey. Together, we explore methods for you to examine and apply these insights in practical ways between sessions – tools, exercises, and novel ways of approaching life.

As your coach, I support your descent into deep presence with strong mindfulness, empathetic listening, mirroring, and by asking questions that facilitate the grounding in the body as well as the exploration of your own emotions and needs.

Often, solutions to the challenges or desires that weigh on the mind or heart can unexpectedly be found in the present moment when one dares to encounter oneself as deeply as possible.

Do you dare?



Coaching Session

If you’re looking for support in addressing a specific challenge, a single coaching session can be beneficial. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the Zen Coaching method and my coaching style.

You can book a single session if you need more extensive coaching but want to assess whether I’m the right coach for you before committing. If you decide to continue with a series of coaching sessions after the initial session, half of the cost of the first session will be credited towards your package.

Coaching sessions are conducted remotely via Google Meet.

Price: 80€, Duration:1 hour

Ihmemaa-Coaching Journeys

If you’re seeking more comprehensive support on your journey and a deeper exploration of your life’s resources and challenges, a series of coaching sessions may be right for you.

Ihmemaa-Coaching Journeys are suitable if you:

  • Desire a new direction in your life.
  • Seek greater self-awareness.
  • Want to be more present.
  • Feel like your life is stagnant.
  • Need some methods and tools to learn to honor your feelings and needs.
  • Long for balance and support during life’s most challenging transitions.
  • Crave regular moments of introspection in a safe space.
  • Aspire to build a life that truly reflects your authentic self.

Explore comprehensive transformational journeys, combining various coaching methods with extended Zen Coaching.

Little Ihmemaa-Coaching Journey

  • Includes 5 Zen Coaching sessions, each lasting 1 hour.
  • We can meet weekly or schedule sessions irregularly based on your needs.
  • Sessions are conducted via Google Meet.
  • Price: €385

Deep Ihmemaa-Coaching Journey

  • Includes 10 Zen Coaching sessions, with the first session lasting 2 hours and subsequent sessions lasting 1 hour.
  • In the first session, we extensively explore various areas of your life, getting to know each other and your unique situation. We clarify your goals and desires.
  • Ongoing communication between sessions: If desired, I will be there for you between sessions (approx. 20 minutes per week) to support you with presence-inviting questions, reinforce your potential goals, answer your questions, and provide reflection.
  • During the coaching journey, you can participate for free in tantric workshops hosted by Ihmemaa Valmennus and TRE® advanced workshops if you’re familiar with the TRE® method.
  • Sessions are conducted via Google Meet, with two sessions available for in-person meetings in your preferred location during the coaching journey. In-person meetings are available in the Turku area or a rented space in Turku.
  • Price: 910€

Tantric Transformation Journey

Tantric Transformation Journey

In the Tantric Transformation Journey, you will experience the power of all the methods I guide over approximately four months.

The Tantric Transformation Journey is customized according to your needs and desires. You can focus on tantra guidance, TRE®, or Zen Coaching in your sessions, depending on what serves you best.

The personal tantric guidance included in this journey is an opportunity to shake off the familiar, discover new insights, and learn to wholeheartedly say Yes to life in all its shades. You can choose to work with me one-on-one or with your partner or friend. In tantric coaching, we practice various aspects according to your needs and desires, such as present touch and receiving, breathwork, conscious movement, exploring your boundaries, pleasure, working with shame, practicing surrender, holding space, and articulating your needs. Personal tantric guidance is powerful and intimate.

The Tantric Transformation Journey also includes Zen Coaching and TRE®. Zen Coaching is a method that strongly engages the body and invites its wisdom. In this journey, it is combined with regular TRE® practice, which releases old tensions, integrates the new, and enables you to listen to your body’s subtle messages in a new way. This combination is potent and balances the methods.

The Tantric journey also includes an optional Dearmoring treatment as one of the tantric sessions. The duration of the treatment is 2-2.5 hours. The treatment is always focused on the whole body, guiding you to surrender and receive through mindful touch. The treatment may include, for example, gentle nurturing or the exploration of pleasure. Genital areas are never treated in the first session.

The Tantric Transformation Journey lasts approximately 4 months and includes a total of 18 sessions:

  • 8-10 Zen Coaching sessions, with the first session lasting 2 hours and the others lasting 1 hour.
    • In the first session, we extensively explore various aspects of your life, getting to know each other and your unique situation. We clarify your goals and desires.
  • 3-5 guided TRE® sessions.
    • If TRE® is a new method for you, the first TRE® session includes an introduction to the method. The introduction lasts approximately 2 hours and includes instructions for safe TRE® practice. Other TRE® sessions are approximately 1 hour each.
  • 3-5 sessions of private tantric guidance, with the option of a Dearmoring treatment during one of the tantric sessions. The treatment lasts 2-2.5 hours.
  • If desired, a TRE® practice journal with a discussion at the end of 3 months (30 minutes).
  • Ongoing communication between sessions. If you wish, I will be there to support you between sessions (approximately 20 minutes per week). We can communicate via voice messages or text messages. I will provide support tailored to your needs, such as guiding questions to enhance presence, reinforcing your commitment to your goals, assisting you with your TRE® process, answering your questions, and offering reflection.

You will also have the opportunity to participate for free in tantric and TRE® workshops organized by Ihmemaa Valmennus during the journey.

The total cost of the Tantric Transformation Journey is €2465.

If the journey involves in-person sessions in a rented space, there is an additional fee of €130 for 4 months.

You can purchase additional sessions or another Dearmoring treatment during the journey, as needed. Please see the price list below.

In the Tantric Transformation Journey, it is desirable for the first TRE® guidance and tantric guidance sessions to be in-person if you choose to work with me. If you prefer to work with your partner, friend, or yourself, tantric guidance sessions can also be conducted online. Additionally, two Zen Coaching sessions can be conducted in-person at your chosen point during the journey. In-person sessions take place at your home (Turku and nearby areas) or in a rented space in Turku.

You can purchase one or more additional sessions for both transformational journeys.

  • Zen Coaching (1 hour) €60
  • Private tantric guidance (2 hours) €120
  • TRE® guidance (1 hour) €50
  • Dearmoring treatment (2-2.5 hours) €160. I only offer Dearmoring treatments as part of a longer client relationship.

If you feel that you want to continue the journey, it is possible to extend it for another phase, further customized to your wishes.

Online sessions are conducted via Google Meet.

Are you interested in embarking on a transformational journey? 

Please send me a message, and we’ll arrange an introductory call for the journey.


Would you like to enroll in a workshop? Are you interested in coaching or a Transformation Journey? Do you want to collaborate? Do you have any questions? Or would you simply like to chat or provide feedback? Please send me an email to the following address:

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